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What is the VIP Rewards Program?
A: Our new VIP rewards Program has been designed for our most loyal customers to thank them for their long term support of our site. As a VIP you will receive a special discount from your orders. Each order you place is recorded, and your rank in the VIP system is affected by the orders value. The more you buy, the more discount you will gain in your future orders!

How does the program work? And how can I get to the higher rank?
A: Your VIP rank is determined by the accumulated value of your orders. With each order you make you will receive qualifying points. When you have enough points, you will automatically reach a higher rank, and you will be informed of your new discount when you log in to your account in Goldsoon

How soon can you deliver the gold ?
A: We are the largest wow gold suppliers in China, owning over 2000 computers and 4000 Farmers. Our delivery time is truly amazing. Our delivery times can vary between one and 24 hours in several servers all depending on the status of our inventory and the amount of orders in that server, including the deliver queue. Our delivery team are devoting themselves to improving the delivery time. Relax and trust in us!

How to deliver the gold, mail or ingame trade?
A: Depends on the situation of trading, we prefer to trade the gold face to face ingame. For 100% security! Gold arrives to you while you are playing. What a wonderful thing! We will call you or whisper you ingame to arrange an ingame trading time. Normally:World of Warcraft meeting place: Alliance at Goldshire.Horde at Retchat .You can contact our customer service for the particular trading site

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